Wes Flanary - Artist Statement


I'm probably not your typical artist. The way I approach my painting is one part creative outlet and one part problem solving. Sometimes I just start putting paint to canvas, building shapes and blocking in colors based on my subject. Then it's like a puzzle that I have to solve. I push the paint around, give it depth and texture to make it take shape.


Painting is a way for me to engage both sides of my brain. It satisfies the drive of my artistic side to create something. It also challenges the analytical side to solve what needs to happen to make globs of paint look like something other than paint.


The subject matter can be anything that interests me. I enjoy the challenge of portraits - people or pets. I place just as much importance on capturing the personality as I do on capturing the likeness. I also enjoy landscapes and all things rustic or old. Especially trees or items that have stood the test of time and look like they have a story to tell.


I enjoy the entire artistic process; from finding something that inspires me, to putting paint to the canvas. Even finding a unique antique frame or making my own frames from reclaimed wood is part of the experience.

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